January 26, 2021

Best Smartwatch To Buy Under 5000 Rs In India

Smartwatches are the new trend after Apple’s iWatch and other luxury brands showig their capabilities. But a reasonable smartwatch which is good for your needs and at the same time extremely trendy is what we have been looking forward to in this article. Watches below 5000 but a lot smarter than what we had thought of. These watches have been selected on the basis of price, compatibility, display, design, durability and touch reflex. Below is the list of the best 7 smartwatches that the market has seen recently. These amazing Bluetooth earphones is about the style that you incorporate with the amazing sense and rate of work which can work out.

1.Huami Amazfit-

Amazfit is the best smartwatch one can get lately within a 5k belt. This smartwatch gives an immersive experience at every use. These little bands weight just around 30gms and are extremely classy and convenient to carry. The screen clarity is excellent with every customization available as per one’s need. Coming with a 1.28 AMOLED display screen and an amazing battery life that is as long as 45 days, this smartwatch is the best catch this season. It even has a built-in GPS, Bluetooth, and Wifi. With a sleek look, this product can monitor heart rate, take the calorie count and monitor sleeping patterns. It also has a multi-sports tracker for fitness freaks and has Anti Finger Transflective screen.

2.Noise Colorfit Pro 2-

Noise Colorfit ranges around 3,000 to 3,500 INR and is the second-best choice when it comes to choosing a low-cost smartwatch. Coming with a 1.3’ full touch color display, it is available in three dramatic colors which can be paired with swappable straps. The new Breath Mode feature of this smartwatch is a new attraction to the customers. This feature controls the heartbeat rate and lowers stress levels. Technology has never lost an opportunity to challenge the best, and these features are yet true examples of this. The battery life is approximately around 7 days and can go longer if not extensively used.

3.Amazfit Light Smart-

Amazfit has been dominating the market and also this list for a while. The new Amazfit Light Smart would be the lightest watch of this entire list. Coming with a 45-day battery back up, water-dust resistance and transflective display; this is one of the best watches. Weighing a mere 32 gm, this smartwatch has a big 1.28’ colored touch screen and a sleek body. The gorilla fingerprint on it makes it scratch resistant and waterproof. The built-in quality is extremely good and the watch’s response is at the pat of an eye. This brand has a pressure sensor of its own as new technology.

4.Mevofit Space-

Mevofit Space is the newbie that has started creating its customer base in recent years. It’s a trendy, durable and lightweight smartwatch weighing just 28gms. It has a 1.3’ TFT display having amazing balanced contrast. This watch is basically known to be preferred by fitness freaks as it has 7 Sports mode, heart rate tracker, calorie intake tracker and is extremely durable and lightweight. Utility features like alarm, calendar, and a clock are also inbuilt in its system. Apart from these, it makes diet plans, advises on exercising and keep a track of calorie burns. It has a battery life of 5-6 days and can be fully charged in an hour.

5.Intex Irist Pro Smartwatch-

Intex Irist is a little heavier i.e. about 50gms, and uses a Bluetooth 4.0 version at its backend. It also has a 400mAh lithium-ion battery for faster performance and is no doubt one of the best low budget smartwatches available. Having a beautiful 1.63’ crystal clear glass display, the look is quite beautiful and appealing. Irist has an inbuilt microphone and a speaker for taking calls or for switching to navigation mode. It comes with a water-resistant body with a 2.5 D curved glass. The interface is pretty simple and easy to operate and it also has general utilities like clock and alarm.

6. Alcatel One-Touch Smartwatch-

Alcatel One Touch is one of the most reasonably priced of all. The Alcatel’s design is not like the classic smartwatch but has a new look. It has an inbuilt USB Connector for charging and hence it’s the first of this kind that doesn’t need any separate charger to be carried around. Having a 1.22’ LCD display, 210mAh lithium-ion battery and a water-resistant body, this product is one of the best in this category with a minimum price charged. It weighs merely 55gms and comes with an inbuilt pedometer and an HR Sensor for better performance. The response time of the watch is very less and adds to its beauty.

7.FIADO Charge Fit Pro Sports Band-

FIADO Charge is a special addition fitness band with 1.3’ colored IPS LCD display. It has a dynamic heart rate sensor that tracks the heartbeat 24*7 and keeps a check on blood pressure. The battery life is around 3-4 days for normal usage and then 12 days on stand by mode. Getting quicker notification from WhatsApp, Instagram, and other apps are seen in this watch it also has a daily fitness mode to track the daily workout progress and the calories burnt as a result. It weighs around 25gms and has lithium-ion batteries for longer performance. The watch might get heated if used continuously but has a strong interface and a number of functionalities to cancel that drawback out.

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