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From their first performance on a high school talent show Down With Webster have created their own flavor of genre-bending sounds, and blown away audiences ever since.  It was when they won the "best unsigned band" recognition from Rogers Mobile that DWW attracted attention from record labels, and musical heavyweights including Sir Richard Branson, Timbaland, and Kiss front man Gene Simmons.  Today the group is built of 2 MCs (Cam & Bucky), A DJ (Diggy), A charismatic lead singer (Pat) and one of the most talented rhythm sections in the game (Marty – drums, Tyler – Bass/Keys). One might describe their sound as hip-hop with a hint of Electro-Alternative, delivered by a kick ass rock band.

In the few years since practicing in their parents garage, their songs have charted at Top40 Radio, amassed 500,000 facebook family, sold 800,000 downloads, and 100,000 albums.  Their videos have streamed 15,000,000 times, and they’ve rocked hundreds of shows. It’s their tireless pursuit of creating the greatest party on stage that has won them loyal believers coast to coast, and earned them this description from one fan: “It’s like taking a handful of fireworks, lighting them, then throwing them in to a barrel of fireworks”[1].  

Because their music defies classification, and they’ve been called “the second coming of the beastie boys”[2], DWW has earned the respect of, and both shared the stage with, and performed with, LMFAO, Timbaland, Ludacris, ‘Lil Jon, 3oh3 and even KISS.

Down With Webster are readying their forthcoming independent release and have enlisted collaborators Ludvin (Childish Gambino), Breyan Issacs (Flo-Rida, Nelly), Josh Ramsay (Carly Rae Jepson) and Stephen Kozmeniuk (Nicki Minaj, Madonna) to help them continue their twist of conventional music genres. The new single and video will release in Spring of 2013.

[1] “It’s like taking a handful of firecrackers, lighting them and throwing them in to a barrel full of firecrackers” – UPVENUE Magazine

[2] “…the second coming of the beastie boys” – The Daily Blam