October 31, 2020

Top WhatsApp Groups Tricks You Can Follow

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Here are already loads of social networks, but WhatsApp has tons of functionality and is commonly used— the Facebook app claims that it has more than two billion active users which is amazing. Below are few hidden tips, along with a few regular tips for anyone new to WhatsApp that you might not think about.

  • Submit Your Address To A Friend

Through WhatsApp, you can submit contacts images and videos and share a message or text, but you can also give your location. It is helpful when you visit a friend anywhere, particularly when you chose Share Live Location, which helps your partner for the moment you want to use your Live Location to follow you. Times of 15, 1 or 8 hours are set length.

  • Search For A Specific Conversation

This is also true if you are searching for a particular conversation instead of all your chats. You might have had a chat regarding a certain meeting place or for example, they have given you their other contact number or address.

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  • Make A Video Or Call With Whatsapp

WhatsApp is not only for text messaging but can also be used to render video and voice calls. The call of WhatsApp uses the internet access instead of the minutes of your contract.

  • Figure Out About Whom You Talk The Most

Who’s your favorite guy, really? Perhaps it’s not someone you believe. There is a way of identifying the individuals to whom you are sending the most updates and how much each person takes care of them.

  • Save Your Data Permit

You don’t want WhatsApp to set it all off because you have a restricted data permit. Luckily, you may personalize the transfer of media to insure that calls use the minimum possible amount of details.

  • Know How Much Data You Need

You will figure out just how many you are utilizing because you are worried with the data consumption. The cumulative number of messages sent and obtained as well as the details sent and obtained would be distributed.

  • On The Internet And Phone, Using Whatsapp

WhatsApp isn’t about the phone. Mobile interface syncs with your computer and a laptop version also exists. Go to https:/web.whatsapp.com or grab the mobile app from whatsapp.com.

You would be able to respond quickly and reliably via chats and updates on both your Site and mobile device. If you miss contact, the mobile app fails to synchronize, before your phone link is restored. You need to sign in. Learn more in our special article about how it functions.

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  • Adjust The Whatsapp Message Screen’s Wallpaper

WhatsApp has regular wallpaper that appears on all the chats as backdrop. However, with choices like solid colors, your own photographs and WhatsApp photos series, this wallpaper may be modified.

  • How To Last See And Disabled

The new function seen by WhatsApp lets you check when someone previously updated the WhatsApp, and also lets users see when they searched for the last time. If a connection has not deactivated last seen, it is shown at the top of an active chat under its label.

  • Silence A Whatsapp Group

Today there is even a risk of groups. Because there are typically several participants in WhatsApp party, notifications will appear all the time. So that occasionally things might get a bit out of control and we should consider opportunities to avoid getting warnings about too many wise people.

Don’t worry, as WhatsApp already considered such a scenario, so it offered us the ability to mute or silence warnings without leaving the party. All you need to do is join the community chat and tap on the  whatsapp group name to access the group details tab.

  • Switch Client Server Whatsapp

Suppose you choose to leave the group, but do not uninstall it, because you can quickly do that if any individual is an administrator of the system. Simply, pick’ Make Community Admin’ from the next list of choices, and tap the community details for your party, and tap the person that you want to create an admin.

After you are finished, you will leave the group and start the new admin.

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  •  Delete A Message On Whatsapp Group

Unfortunately, you cannot remove the notification from some other phone after a reply has been effectively received (with the tic mark).

This also occurs, though, that notifications on WhatsApp are not received immediately because of the network or security problems. In such instances, if you were to uninstall the post, it will not be transmitted to someone in the group until the tick mark appeared.

  • Start A Private Conversation

One of my mates in a WhatsApp community told another friend to give a specific message to him. He said that he was lazy to look for the name. I shared with them the following tip and they were shocked not to learn all that well.

Type your name in the chat to secretly transfer a group member from inside the community itself. There are three choices open to you: Mail, Voice Call, Video Call. Tap Message for privately launching the discussion.

  • Tag People

When you decide to say a GROUP leader someone in the community itself, you should add them instead of beginning a private discussion. This will stop hiding the comments under the endless group messages.

Even if they muted the party, they would be informed separately. WhatsApp takes you directly to the marked message when you open the party.

Only type @ in the typing field to identify a individual. All the participants ‘ names are shown in WhatsApp. Click the person you want to add, the name of the user.…

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flat screen TV

Should You Buy A Smart TV or TV + Android TV Box?

flat screen TV

Buying a TV isn’t as easy as it used be. Earlier, it was possible to walk into any electronic shop and pick the one you like that fits your budget. But now, you have hundreds of things to consider. Buying the right features at the right prices has become extremely important yet difficult. The biggest question remains is that, based on the preference and your setting as well.

Should You Buy A Smart TV or TV + Android TV Box?

In this article, we will explore the meanings, pros and cons of both a Smart TV and an Android TV.

First let’s see understand what they mean-

Smart TV

A smart tv is literally smarter than regular tv, meaning it can perform more functions than the plain old cable viewing. Especially the oxygen of the era – INTERNET. Just like a smartphone, in a smart tv, apps can be downloaded and used according to our preferences. Nowadays, most of the leading companies are manufacturing Smart TVs.

And what’s an Android TV Box?

Technically, Android TV is a type of Smart TV. Android tv boxes can be used for everything from playing games to streaming your favourite content.

How are they different?

The biggest difference between Smart TVs and Android TVs is the OS. Smart TVs use any OS like Tizen, Smart Central and webOS while an Android Tv is specific to an android OS.

The second difference is Smart Tvs have a limited number of apps while an Android Tv has all the smart TV apps plus It connects you to the internet and gives access to hundreds of other apps.

The OS of an android tv can be regularly updated to keep up with the trends. So if you’re someone who likes to have all the latest apps and gadgets, this will be perfect for you,

Now, let’s look at some pros and cons of a Smart Tv and an Android TV.

Pros of a Smart Tv

  • Simple Setup

Smart tvs are comparatively easier to setup so if you’re looking for minimal effort, this will work well for you. It’s easy to navigate and wins big time in the accessibility section. They have less apps and features which keeps the functionalities pretty basic and easy to get the hang of.

  • Easily Available

More companies manufacture Smart TVs, hence they’re easier to find and you can get much better deals on them. They have a larger market with an even larger demand which makes it viable for more manufacturers to produce more of them.

  • Single Remote Operation

With easy setup and accessibility, one remote is sufficient to navigate through a Smart TV. As mentioned earlier, the minimal functionalities add to the accessibility. This may be considered a con for someone looking for a huge variety of apps, but speaking in terms of easy navigation, a Smart TV is a clear winner.

Cons of a Smart TV

  • Limited Apps

Smart TVs have limited apps and storage capacity. This is one major flaw as you can only access the supported apps and much of your actions are restricted. For experimental people this can feel too claustrophobic and it’d be better for them to opt for an android tv.

  • Outdated OS

OS of the smart Tv can’t be upgraded which makes you stuck with an outdated software. Unless you buy a new TV every few months, which most of us don’t, you can’t get access to latest software and technology being introduced in the market.

Pros of an Android TV

  • Cost effective

Since Android operating system is open source and free, these tvs are much cheaper to manufacture and provide good value for money with their amazing features and up-to-date technology.

  • Voice functionality

One big advantage of an android tv is the voice command that saves precious typing time. Often typing on a tv remote is a cumbersome task and the voice functionality gives you a chance to make your search easier.

  • More apps

Android Tvs come with more apps and give a huge variety as compared to regular Smart Tvs. From gaming apps to Youtube livestreams, you can find everything at one place.

  • Easy updates

Android Tvs have updatable OS which makes it easier to keep up with the latest trends.

Cons of an Android TV

  • Not easily available

The downside of buying an android tv is that it’s not that easily available in the market. They are comparatively rare hence it’s difficult to find a good bargain.

  • Hard interface for new users

For someone unaccustomed to android tvs, the interface can be a little tricky to navigate. Hence for new users, smart tvs are recommended. But for regular android users, it’ll be very easy to access and give huge benefits for a very little cost.

turned on flat screen TV inside room


Which TV you should buy depends completely on your priorities. If you’re a gaming or tech enthusiast with love for variety, go for an android tv. If you’re looking for a simple interface with easy access and availability, opt for a Smart TV. Both have their ups and downs but here the android tv is a clear winner owing to its content variety at minimal expenses. It may a bit hard to find and navigate but at the end of the day it provides you a lot more than a normal tv can.…

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