January 26, 2021

Best Manual Can Opener

The Can opener is often a tool that we take for granted. It seems rather inconsequential in our daily lives, until you can’t open a can with your bare hands to save your lives. While not as smooth as an electric can opener, a manual can opener is a pretty useful tool to have in your kitchen toolkit. They also cost less money compared to electrical openers. The thing that users must take into account while buying a manual can opener is that the material used to make it needs to be of high quality; so that they won’t easily break or rust over time. So here are some of the Best Manual Can Openers.

1.EZ-DUZ-IT Deluxe Can Opener

It maybe a bit unflashy and without special features, but the EZ-DUZ-IT Deluxe Can Opener makes up for it with power and rock-solid construction. It has slim rubberized handles that are very easy to grip and prevent hand fatigue while opening cans. The all-metal construction increases the durability and its core-strength.

2.Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Lid Lifter

If you are looking for a Can opener that is suited for the lefties and ambidextrous, the Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Lid Lifter is a good choice. It is the fastest, smoothest opener to use if you lack a dominant right hand. The push-button control of small pinchers that it has easily lifts can lids, making it one of the fastest manual can openers.

3.Safe Cut Can Opener by GoodCook

If you want an effective can opener at an affordable cost, go for Safe Cut Opener by GoodCook. With its sleek design and ease of use, you won’t face the headache of finding an appropriate Can opener. It’s very easy to operate as you don’t need to squeeze the handles to hold the can since the cutting mechanism immediately latches on as you start turning. The chrome loop allows you to position the opener properly. You don’t have to worry about any sharp edges, as this unseals the side of the lid while opening. The heavy-duty chrome construction makes it resistant to breaking, scratching, warping, staining, or tarnishing.

4.Rosle Stainless Steel Can Opener with Pliers Grip

Although a bit costly compared to other can openers, Rosle Stainless Steel Opener still worth your attention due to its high-quality stainless steel that won’t rust or tarnish over time. It has a sealed cutting mechanism, so you don’t have to worry about food being in contact with the opener. It has Lateral cutting to ensure that no sharp edges can mangle fingers. The hanging hole on the handle makes it very easy to store it on a rack where you can easily grab it when required.

5.Swing-A-Way Easy-Crank Can Opener with Folding Crank Handle

Those who find twisting a small knob a bit uncomfortable, they would find this very useful due to the presence of a large crank handle. It operates by piercing the top of the can and by cutting smoothly around the inner edge to completely remove the lid. The large size of this can opener makes it a perfect choice for opening extra-large cans that are difficult to open using smaller openers. And the large size isn’t a problem while storing due to its ability to fold down for more compact storage.

6.Bartelli Soft Edge 3-in-1 Ambidextrous Safety Can Opener

This 3-in-1 can opener is what you are seeking if you have less dexterity on one hand. It can be easily used by both left and right-handers. It has a no-squeeze single handle design and a smooth knob, so all the folks with arthritis or joint pain don’t have to be concerned about excessive gripping. There are additional features like a bottle opener and a jar opener as well.

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