January 26, 2021


LG 45 Litre Top Freezer Refrigerator

LG is known as life’s Good is a multinational electronics company that is born in Seoul South Korea. LG is famous for its premium devices and manufacturing. LG is now available in 128 countries and has 100000 employees worldwide. LG is a brand from gold Star. It was founded in 1958 and been growing in this global market.

LG offers us a mini-fridge of 45 litres which is very compact and handy. It has won a star energy rating, which is a downgrade to the price of pain as you can get a 3-star refrigerator in this price range.

It also has it defrosting of direct cooling which helps you if you need a quick cool technology. On the designing section, LG has provided us with a handle and a refrigerator shelf of 1. It also has a dazzle steel finish and has a dual-tone finish.


Panasonic is a multinational customer electronic company that has headquartered in Osaka. It was founded in 1918 and was a premium producer of light bulbs then it grew up and collaborated with various brands such as to Sheeba, Hitachi or Sony and then grew into different markets and now is the world’s largest television manufacturers. They are famous for their unique conceptual designs and minimalistic approach to their finishing. Panasonic is now an old name in the Indian market in can be bought from online to the offline market.

It offers 120 letters of capacity and has a 3-star rating which is a decent thing that you get a 3-star rating under 10000 rupees it also comes with a direct cooling feature and a 1-year warranty.

On the designing section, it has built with polymer metallic finish and has a dual-tone finish at the front or back, and it offers us a greyish white single tone light on the inside. It also has a big door handle, which is comfortable to work well. Overall the refrigerator looks decent and also comes in the ice fridge.

Godrej 99 Litre Top Freezer Refrigerator (RD Champ 114 WRF 1.2)

Godrej is an Indian brand dealing with electronics and semi-electronic products. Godrej is famous for its compact and fewer cost products.

Godrej Orphism 100 litre of capacity with ones are reading, which is decent to get a good size, but the rating is not pleasant. It also offers deep cool technology which will help you to cool your food or any other stuff easily with an easier time.

On the designing area, the Godrej has done a decent job on providing the dual-tone finish over the front and having a metallic grey finish on all over the body. It also comes with glossy compartments for the interiors and has DEEP cool technology, which is a big thing if you are only paying 10000 rupees.

Haier 190 Litre Double Door Refrigerator (HRD-1902BMO-E)

Haier is a big company dealing with electronic devices and budget segment devices. HAIER provide us with a 190-litre capacity double door refrigerator in under 10000 rupees.

The refrigerator comes with a two-star rating and has a deep cool technology inside it. It so featured the semi silver finish on the front door and black cotton finish on the interiors which gives it a royal look. If you are willing to spend 10000 rupees on a refrigerator, I think this will be the best fit for your money. It comes with a refrigerator panel also which stands out as we have seen that there are only single door refrigerators in the list.

Haier also provides us with two years of warranty on the product in the 5-year warranty on the compressor. The design is very compact and has a rectangle box figure. It looks sharp and has a handle which is handy to use.


Samsung is a Korean brand which has divided among various products it manufactures. Samsung is famous for its manufacturing of electronics as they produce some decent devices with some great functionalities.

Samsung is the most known brand in India functioning from refrigerators, air conditioners and even mobile phones. Samsung offers a great after service and a premium build for every product you buy from them. Samsung products are manufactured in Korea, but also developed in Korea. Samsung has now started manufacturing its products in India due to make in India movement.

Samsung offers in school single door refrigerator and offers a 190 litre of capacity with a two-star rating, which stands out as you get a brand name of Samsung and a 2-star rating, which is nice. It has two variants a model 2019 and a model 2020. The second variant is quite cheaper than the first one.

It also has toughened glass shelves and a warranty of one year to the ten years for the compressor. On the designing and it comes with the graffiti on the top front door and a steel aluminium handle with a locking feature on the door. The material is quite handy, and the refrigerator looks decent and has a minimalistic approach to it. It also comes with an ice compartment with various features.…

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