January 26, 2021
improve wifi connection

7 Working Ways to Improve your WiFi Connection

Wireless internet connectivity is a boon to mankind. Wired internet was not enough for convenience and productivity, so the engineers came up with the Wireless Fidelity or the WiFi connectivity. It’s a great innovation for mankind, but it has it’s limitations too. The limitation of internet speed, connectivity, range, and many other things, it’s still not full-proof. That’s why most of the time, we get a poor connection and slow speed on the WiFi Connection.

Well, there are some ways which will help you to improve your WiFi connection. The techniques are pretty simple, and following them will help you improve the WiFi connection. Be it the Speed issues, Connection Range issues, or the constant Reboot issues; you’ll be able to fix everything with ease. All you have to do is to follow these special WiFi connection improvement methods, and you’ll be able to improve the same within a few minutes.

improve wifi connection

Tips to Improve WiFi Connection

#1 – Router Location

The location of the router plays a very important factor in improving the WiFi connection. If you are keeping the router in the corners where there are thick walls or plastic insulation, then you’ll be limiting the effective range of the router. The plastic, being opaque and non-conductive, will not let the WiFi signals to travel properly, causing weak connection or even constant connection dropping.

That’s why it’s essential to consider the Router location. The ideal location is to keep it in the open space. The open space will help the signals to travel without any disturbances. Even if you are thinking of keeping it in the corners, make sure there are no electromagnetic or non-conductive material disturbances. You can read more about ideal router location in this article on CNET.

#2 – Change WiFi Channels

Most of the advanced WiFi routers come with multi-channel connectivity. The most common is 2.4GHz, which is used widely. But for the people who are looking for the range, and the speed, then the 5GHz Channel is the best one for your needs. Well, changing between the channels will let you know about the better connectivity and other things. The 5GHz bandwidth channel will have higher speeds, better connectivity, and even the support for multiple devices, but will not have a long connectivity range. So, make sure to change between the channels according to your needs.

#3 – Network Monitoring

network monitoring

Monitoring the network will help you understand what is causing the WiFi connectivity issues. Using the third-party WiFi monitoring apps, you will get to know about the background consumption. Understanding the reason behind the slow WiFi speed will mostly be the background services and apps consuming a lot of bandwidth. Also, you’ll get to know if someone is secretly using your WiFi bandwidth.

With regular network monitoring, you can disable third-party apps and services that consume a lot of background data. Not just that, you’ll get to know about the people who are infiltrating your WiFi network and consuming your bandwidth behind your back.

#4 – WiFi Booster Devices

The WiFi booster devices are the special electronics equipment that increases the WiFi speed and the range. With the WiFi Booster or the Extender devices, you can easily configure the connection and increase the strength and range. If you have less space to keep the WiFi router or have multiple disturbances, then getting the WiFi booster device will help you to immediately increase the connection range, strength, and speed. You can find good quality WiFi Booster devices on popular marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart online. One such device is RangeXTD Wi-fi Booster, it’s one of the best WiFi boosters available in the market currently.

#5 – Reset the Router Settings

Sometimes, the external software programs may interfere with the router settings. Not just that, the outdated settings will cause issues with the WiFi connection and speed. So, the best way to get rid of the same is to reset the router settings. When you reset the router, all of the settings will be restored at the factory state. This will help you to reconfigure the router with the instructions provided by the Internet Service provider.

You can reset the router from the router login page, which is usually referred to on the backside of the router. Not just that, there will be a physical reset button on the router, which you can press and hold to reset the router.

#6 – Reboot the Router

Well, this is the simplest step, but you should follow this simplest method to fix the issue. Sometimes, the router requires a reboot. So, turn OFF the power connection to the router and let it stay OFF for a few minutes. After a few minutes, turn ON the router and see if the issue persists or not. If it’s just a technical glitch, then the issue will vanish after the simple router reboot. Otherwise, you have to follow all other methods.

#7 – Purchase Advanced WiFi Router

If you are using the same router for a long time, then there is a huge chance of the routers providing degraded performance over the years. As the WiFi and internet connectivity is evolving, you should update yourself and also the WiFi router. Choosing the advanced WiFi router can be a beneficial solution to improve WiFi speed in your house or office. There are a lot of modern WiFi routers available in the market, which provide better bandwidth, connection range, and also the devices. You’ll find the best WiFi routers on Amazon and other online marketplaces with ease. Also, you can ask your Internet Service provider to provide a suitable WiFi router.

Final Words

People always think that WiFi connection issues are always the fault of the Internet service providers. Most of the time, they are not. Well, with the simple methods, you can fix the issues by yourselves and improve the WiFi speed with ease. There is no need to lodge a complaint with the ISP and wait till someone visits your house to fix the issue for you. To avoid the wastage of time, we’ve shared this list of the best ways to improve WiFi connection speed. All you have to do is to carefully follow these methods and improve your WiFi speed with ease.…

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