January 26, 2021

Things To Check Before Buying A Rechargeable Fan In India


A rechargeable fan is compact and its airflow is extremely comfortable and convenient. It can be a very advantageous item to possess if you travel frequently. Further, the service it renders is incessant and may last up to the lifetime of the owner (and even beyond!). This infinite character may also imply that these do not require much maintenance. Unprecedented power failures and outages can easily be avoided with the help of these fans. Moreover, they can be of great utility when dealing with harsh summers.


These fans have innumerable benefits. The most pertinent advantages, however, are the following-

  • It is extremely easy to use- it is very handy. Anybody can use it. The only requirement is to charge it and keep it for situations like when the power goes off.
  • It is compact. It comes with no fixtures and it can be kept anywhere making it portable. Further, it does not require any fittings making it a more convenient option.
  • It is generally extremely inexpensive and easily available.
  • It is designed to work for a specific number of hours- provided it is fully charged. This helps one take a pre-informed choice and stay prepared in case of emergencies.

It is advised to take these fans in the summer season as it is of more utility during those months of the year. Moreover, power-cuts are more frequent in this period. It provides immense comfort by keeping you safe from the intolerable weather.

Given below is a list of things one must keep in mind while buying the best rechargeable fans that suit their requirements effectively.

  1. PRICE

Firstly, the most important factor affecting any buyer is the price of the product they wish to buy. This factor narrows down a number of options for the buyer. Different companies provide various types of fans at different price ranges. The price might increase with the addition of features per product. One must buy an affordable fan which provides the most essential features. These fans are usually not very expensive but you need to look for the one that best suits your needs. Some features of the fans are not used regularly and the fan might work efficiently even without them. These features increase the price of the product unnecessarily. Thus, one must compare the models and choose accordingly. However, purchasing a fan at the lowest price may not always be helpful. The quality of the product is important too.


The size of the fan will help one determine its placement. Thus, it is one of the most essential things to check before buying. These fans can either be standing and portable or ceiling fitted. For optimal airflow, a ceiling fan has to be put around eight feet above the floor. The blades must further be around eighteen inches from the ceiling wall. Thus for smaller rooms with lower heights, rechargeable fans are advised to be standing ones. Further, it is recommended to purchase fans that are not very large in size as they are comparatively heavier and take up more space. Small and compact fans can be placed anywhere. Buying a fan of the perfect size is essential if one wants to avoid facing problems later.


Some of the essential features to check before buying a rechargeable fan are its battery capacity, operational duration and the time it takes to get charged. One must check if the battery is replaceable in case it gets over. Thus, you must buy a fan only after checking its replacement battery replacement option. The charging time of the product is also an important parameter. The fans that take lesser time to charge are recommended as it saves a lot of time for the owner. Further, it should be checked that the operational duration is more than the recharging time.


The name and brand of the manufacturing company should also be kept in mind while purchasing a fan. The reputation of the company will also suggest the quality of the product. There are a wide range of good brands available both in stores and online where one can find the best quality rechargeable fans. Electric devices like these from established and reputed firms ensure top quality.


Another important parameter while choosing a fan is the customer care service while purchasing and post purchase. This ensures relief and contentment while buying the product. This requirement flows from the previous requirement and is a mere continuation of the same point. This is because it is often noticed that good and reputed brands provide good service to their purchasers. This becomes increasingly important as the fan gets older and starts having issues.


Another and the last parameter for a person to keep in mind while buying a rechargeable fan is the presence or absence of accessories. This may depend from customer to customer. You will need to make your mind whether you want a simple fan or one with various accessories. Accessories include lights like those small embedded ones that may be used in case of power-cuts or while studying on the table. Some fans also contain micro-USB ports. However, these features may increase the price of the product to an unprecedented level and may not be recommended. Thus, one must learn about the utility of these features and accessories and assess the usefulness of the same after which you can buy the product accordingly.

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