January 26, 2021

Top 5 Best Smartphones Under 7000Rs in India

India is a market where people often think of budget options. Hence, when it comes to the best five phones below Rs 7000, then a few smartphones are required to be discussed. Just check the list below, and you will come across the best and affordable smartphones.

There’s one thing you should note, and that is, even though the price is low, you can still expect the perfect working and the best battery life. There are a few brands that have become quite popular as a brand for cheap and affordable smartphones.

Look at the list as given below and the features of the same.

1. Realme C1

Realme C1 is a good phone with the best design and amazing looks. Just check out the features, and you will understand why you should get away with this phone! T

• 4230 mAh battery

• 6.2-inch display

• Qualcomm chipset

• OS: Android

• RAM: 2GB

• Processor: Octa

• Price below Rs 7000

• Best in design

• Good performance

2. Xiaomi Redmi 6A

Redmi 6A is an affordable phone, and at the same time, it is also loaded with the best features. The specifications are as follows:

• 5.45-inch screen size

• RAM: 2GB

• Battery: 3000mAh

• OS: Android

• Processor: Quod

• Price is below Rs 7000

• Best in its working

3. Realme C2

Realme C2 is a great entry-level phone, and it has good and smart features too. It has some fantastic features that need a special mention. So, check them out:

• Screen size: 6.1

• Camera: 13MP

• RAM: 3GB

• Battery 4000mAh

• OS: Android

• Processor Octa

• Price around Rs 7000

4. Honor 7S

If you have used Honor brand phones, then you would know that even this brand is a good one and it has some of the best features. Honor 7S is a good phone and falls within your range. Just check the features:

• Screen size: 5.45 inch

• RAM: 2GB

• Battery: 3020mAh

• OS: Android

• Processor Quod

• Great in design

• Good in performance

• Falls within a budget and hence is low in price

5. Nokia 2.1

Nokia is a fantastic brand, and with Nokia 2.1 you can expect some of the best features. So, check the specs:

• Screen size: 5.5 inch

• RAM: 1GB

• Battery: 4000mAh

• OS: Android

• Processor: Quod

• Best in performance

• Good in design

All the above smartphones, as listed above, are within the price range of Rs 7000. Thus, choosing out of these five will not be an issue.

Amidst the competition of so many phones, you will find which one would be best for you. But, if you have criteria in mind, then it will become simple for you to buy one. Different people would have different needs, and so some would need a phone with a particular budget, and some would want a phone that is great in design. For some people, good performance is something that is going to matter the most. So, with so many different options, you will have to decide what works well for you.

The best part is that when buying the best smartphones, you will get a perfect idea about what features would be apt! If you love a display, then you should go ahead with that and if the battery power matters the most ten choose the option in that form. Buying a phone that is below this price would save them money, and at this cost of Rs 7000, you are getting a great deal.

The best deals online can also save a few pennies here and there, and it will surely work well. Check the above options for sale below Rs 7000 and see which one seems to be great for you.

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