January 26, 2021

Vacuum cleaner syndrome

Some many syndromes and phobias take place in this world. There is a certain way of treating the problem with the people or be it pets. The world has a strange way of not being able to explain the likes of a specific person or a group of people who share the same interests. The ranges can vary from something as tiny as coin or shells collections to a wide range of people liking angst music.

William’s Syndrome was detected in a young boy who had an affectionate love for vacuum cleaners. He has his own collection of vacuum cleaners for his own liking. The William syndrome in people tends to elevate as they become adults and they own elfin features. I use wdx2 vacuum cleaner to overcome this issue.

It is characterized by medical research and the problems include cardiovascular diseases, development delays and learning disabilities. There are such mutations in the genes which often occur in the DNA of the newly born babies.

The syndrome elevates the sense of sensitivity in the people with the problem. The kid has a sensitive ear but developed a love for vacuum cleaners. He has a collection of 17 hoovers in his house and offers to help his family to clean up their house. His favourite pass time is playing with them.

Where it is believed many of young kids are unexplainably afraid of the vacuum cleaners. There are theories as to abound why this relevant or the kids are just afraid of the huge look of it or the noise impact it creates.

People with this syndrome are usually obsessed with one thing and in their life. The kid other than being obsessed with vacuum cleaners has also a few side effects because of the syndrome which affects his social life and his speaking skills.

The obsession of the vacuum cleaner is another side of the story, but the kid loves it so much he studies every day about it and has become an expert in it. The house staff also get the vacuum cleaners tested by him since he is the best man to go to.

This is one side of the story where a much positive outlook of the syndrome has been displayed. The other part would be a fear of the same loved machine ‘vacuum cleaner’. Zuigerphobia is a specific phobia which refers to the fear of vacuum cleaners. The way how pets or children seem to be apprehensive of the company of a vacuum cleaner and raise hands and break down in sweat because of the noise impact or general fear.

It can be caused by a trauma or by birth; a general fear. This fear can also occur in old teens and adults and can place them in a pensive mood. The chances of getting hurt by a vacuum cleaner are normally very less but just the look of it, makes them break down in cold sweat. But, like said it is specific to people and people who have experienced trauma, it differs. Some might just dislike the noise produced by it, some are afraid it might suck them in the tub it is attached to; this thought mostly occupied in the minds of infants.

A few people can feel agitated and wish to leave the place where they recently resided, a chance is that people who dislike or have a fear of vacuum cleaners would not own one in their house but it is a rare case if the person does not live and is continuously out on tour. The fear of vacuum cleaners is often linked to the fear of loud noises, like for example people can get irritated and not be able to tolerate, this can lead to fits.

Infants who are going through this phobia day and night, people in the household would have to be very careful with the timings and use of the machine in the house. There are ways to cure the person.

  • Let the kid play with it when it is unplugged
  • Try to know the reason why they have been so afraid about it and speak out the problems and come up with any solution if possible.
  • Warn your child about the use of the vacuum in a non-forbidding manner about if you are to use it, they can stay or leave, it is their choice if they are ready to face their fear.
  • If they wish to retreat in another location, don’t force them to stay in one place and get over the fear people perceive in different ways and they will later but never use force.

In this article, two sides of the story were visible, a person who was in love vacuum cleaners whereas others being extremely afraid of it. The perception of life; the way a person sees it.


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